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Why should I sell my seafood to Smokey Bay?

At Smokey Bay Seafood Group we work to bring small, family and artisanal fisheries closer to major urban centers around the world.

Smokey Bay is committed to being a sustainable trading company- by purchasing on demand and not holding wasted inventory. We only take from the ocean what we need. Therefore, we work closely with you, (the producer) to ensure a Just-in-Time logistics for the benefit of all.

When you choose to sell your seafood to Smokey Bay,
you are becoming part of our ecosystem of responsible fisheries.

The advantages of selling to Smokey Bay are:

  • Receive your payments on time
  • Smokey Bay has international buyers across the globe.
  • Smokey Bay has 25 years of experience in the industry
  • Smokey Bay prides itself on honesty and making our customers happy.
  • Smokey Bay responsibly ensures that sustainability and protecting our oceans is a priority.
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