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Shellfish Utensils

Shellfish Kit Smokeybay

Shellfish Kit


  • 2  lobster and crab crackers to break the most resistant legs and claws of crustaceans
  • 6 lobster and crab scrapers for easy and clean access to meat 
  • 12  cocktail pins for removing meat from the shell

Oyster knives

The right tool to shuck oysters

Add sophistication to your seafood counter with these unique durable knives.

Personalize your new wood oyster knives!

Personalize your new wood oyster knives!

The wood handles can be engraved with your logo. Use them at events, as promotional gifts, or include them in your product list.


Personalize for $2.50 each


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How do you shuck live oysters?

  1. Place the oyster on a cloth, cup side down, with the hinge facing towards you
  2. While holding the oyster firmly down with your hand, press the point of the oyster knife firmly into the hinge, twisting the knife. The upper
    shell should pop open
  3. Cut the upper abductor muscle by sliding the knife between the shell and the meat
  4. Remove top shell
  5. Move the knife under the meat to cut the under abductor muscle
  6. Once opened, the oysters should be placed on ice to keep cold


French Oyster Knives- Wood and Blue

How to care for live oysters?

When properly cared for, live oysters will stay alive for 10–21 days:

  • Always store fresh oysters in the refrigerator between 35–40 degrees F
  • Cover with a moist cloth or keep them in the shipping box
  • Never submerge them in fresh water or store in an airtight bag
  • The oysters will close when tapped lightly if they are healthy
  • Do not store on ice for an extended period of time