Anoplopoma fimbria

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British Columbia, Canada






Dressed: head on, gutted


Sashimi grade


4-6 lbs

Shelf life

14 days, fresh


Year round


Styro with wet ice. Average 60 lbs

Smokey Bay is proud to bring you one of the most sustainable, premium, traceable and versatile sablefish in the market.

Introduce your clients to the premium taste of our Fresh Farmed Sablefish. Sourced from the pristine waters of British Columbia, Canada, our fish are sustainably farmed to deliver unmatched quality and flavor. With its firm texture and buttery, rich flavor, our Sablefish is a favorite among sushi chefs and seafood lovers alike. Our fish are dressed with the head on and gutted for your convenience, and are of sashimi grade quality. Available in sizes ranging from 4 to 6 lbs, our Sablefish has a shelf life of 14 days when kept fresh. Whether it's for your restaurant or retail store, our Fresh Farmed Sablefish is a must-have for your seafood offerings. Contact us today to place your order and experience the taste of our premium Sablefish. Our fish come in styrofoam cases with wet ice, with an average weight of 60 lbs. Available year-round for your convenience.

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