Fresh Organic Farmed Sturgeon


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Smokey Bay Premium Product Smokey Bay Sustainable Product
Smokey Bay Premium Product Smokey Bay Sustainable Product
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British Columbia, Canada. FAO 67




fillet portions, fins off, Gutted, Head off, tail off




10-12 lbs. Higher size upon request

Shelf life

21 days at -1 to 3 °C


Year round


Styro with wet ice. Average 60 lbs

Delicate flavored, firm and boneless flesh.

Discover the delicate flavor and firm, boneless flesh of our Fresh Organic Farmed Sturgeon. Sourced from the pristine waters of British Columbia, Canada, our sturgeon are sustainably farmed using organic practices to ensure superior quality and taste. Our sturgeon are available in fillet portions with fins, gutted, head, and tail off for your convenience. Our fish are of AA and AAA quality and weigh in at 10-12 lbs on average, with higher sizes available upon request. Our Fresh Organic Farmed Sturgeon has a shelf life of 21 days at -1 to 3 °C, allowing you to keep it fresh for longer. Our sturgeon comes in styrofoam cases with wet ice, with an average weight of 60 lbs. Whether you're a retailer or a restaurant owner, our Fresh Organic Farmed Sturgeon is a must-have for your seafood offerings. With its exquisite taste and premium quality, it's sure to impress your customers. Contact us today to place your order and experience the taste of our premium sturgeon. Available year-round for your convenience.

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